Same Style Different Version

Dated: 01/01/2017

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Housing trends are making a huge impact on the minds of society today. The newer the home is, the fancier more tech savvy it can be & the more space the happier the home right? Wrong. Media shows you that you need all this to live a happy life but it’s all just an illusion of different version; same style. Don’t quite get it yet? Everyone knows that Apple makes the same exact same style of phone every year just different versions because they know we will buy into it & become part of the mainstream trend that somehow is supposed to make us feel worthy. Same thing when someone is purchasing a home. When you’re buying your first home you feel like you have to have a newly build home to make you feel like you made it, but who are you proving that too? Are you proving that to yourself or your friends & family. Pushing yourself to just get someone else’s approval while taking away from your time, your wealth, your happiness. I’m not saying don’t buy a home because I want you to own the only most powerful tool any individual can have plus I want to be the one to help you with that transaction. BUT what I am saying is to do it in a smart financial way & something that will not overwhelm you down the road. Life changes, challenges occur that we cannot control but what you can control is your investments, where you spend your money. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your hands & fool you into buying something that’s exactly the same as what you already just for a newer shinier version. First time home buyers I encourage you to be picky but not too picky, the blessing behind being able to buy a home is actually being able to buy a home. Most American’s today do not qualify for traditional funding so they either have to minimize their lifestyle in hopes to maybe one day see the dream of home ownership while continuing to live paycheck to paycheck going nowhere. If you are a qualified buyer be thankful & enjoy this process that is leading you into home ownership & see every house as an opportunity that most American’s will never see. Do not see it for how many social media likes you’ll receive once you post your brand new house, new or old it’s the same style & will provide you with the main essentials you need, a roof over your head. So don’t be fooled by media or by the approval of others. Buy a house with character that you can feel the love that’s been made, a story to unravel, & the history you can never imagine. Be smart, live happy, enjoy life & In the end its all the same style of home just a different version.Image title

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