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Dated: 01/04/2017

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It is tax season again!!!! This is such an anticipated time of year for most folks, after spending so much money on the holidays January cannot come around fast enough to receive that refund check. For first time home buyers in 2016 it means finally qualifying for first time home buyer credits & finding someone you trust to ensure you get the maximum refund on the biggest purchase of the year. On average most Americans typically file a 1040EZ but now with a new home you must file with a 1040 Schedule A which means now your tax return has gotten a little more complex. Your lender will mail you a 1098 form which list the interest, & local real estate taxes you’ve paid on your mortgage for the previous year & by choosing me as your tax professional you will have a guarantee of making sure you receive all the credits that fit with your financial situation & ensuring that you receive your most maximum tax return yet! To find out your First Time Home Buyer Credit Account look up on the IRS click the link provided below. If your timing to buy a house in 2016 wasn’t right don’t get discouraged contact me today, I’ll get you set up with your maximum refund & walk you through the home buying process to see what is needed to get you qualified to be a 2017 home buyer. The IRS has announced the 2017 tax season will officially begin Monday, January 23rd. This is the day the IRS will begin to accept electronically filed tax returns so schedule your Free Consultation No obligation appointment with me today by calling 214-267-9810 or emailing me at TAXPRO@LIFETAXFINANCIAL.COM   Let 2017 be your best year yet & let it start with me guiding you down the right path!

Stay blessed,

Valerie Valles, Realtor

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